Drivers Trek to Everest in aid of Irish Kidney Association

We are delighted to announce that we have picked the Irish Kidney Association as our charity partner for 2017.

Patrick Brown & his son Robert , both taxi drivers with NRC, will be completing a trek to the Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas in May this year. They will be with members of a party travelling under the umbrella of Earth’s Edge, an agency that specialises in organising such ventures.

They will be funding the trip themselves so all monies raised by way of sponsorship will be paid directly to the Irish Kidney Association.

In recent years Patrick has had a kidney removed so he is fundraising out of gratitude for his recovery and out of a sense of solidarity with people who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Both drivers and NRC have raised €1,110 for this very worthwhile cause.

Wishing the best of luck to our drivers Patrick & Robert Brown with this challenge!

Funny items found in NRC taxis

cropped-header.pngEver left your mobile phone in a taxi after a night out? You’re not alone! NRC Taxi drivers find the most weird and wonderful items in the back of their taxis! So what are the most common?

  1. Spare change – instead of falling down the back of the sofa they end up down the back of the taxi seat!
  2. Slippers – disposable footwear for the ladies who only do the heels from car to bar!
  3. Shoes – nothing more annoying than leaving your high heels in the taxi leaving you in the slippers or pumps for the big night out!
  4. Scarves, Hats and Gloves – NRC are going to open an accessories shop selling the biggest range of scarves, hats and gloves
  5. Mobile phones – nothing more annoying than leaving your phone in the taxi – you get the feeling that you’ve lost your right hand!
  6. Hair brushes – last minute touch up equipment for the night out get left in the taxi! We also get bucket loads of hair which we clean out daily!
  7. Socks – not the cleanest item to find in a taxi but there’s always a few odd socks to be found hidden under the seats of a taxi!
  8. Jewellery – some fabulous earrings, necklaces and bracelets end up under the seats of unfortunate passengers who rarely think to call NRC and claim their valuables!
  9. Make up – the full range of makeup – lipstick, blusher, mascara, foundation, eye shadow and primer! The taxi is the perfect place to apply the makeup when you are out of time. Unfortunately some pricey lipsticks get left behind and ultimately get dumped!
  10. False Teeth – believe it or not these have been found in our taxis! Not the most pleasant of item for a taxi driver to pick up. And what about the passenger who heads out without his or her teeth – they won’t be enjoying their dinner very much without teeth!

So people of Dublin – check the back seat of your NRC taxi before you leave – it may save you hundreds of euro in the long-run! NRC Taxis have a lost and found service so please call us and we’ll do our best to find your valuables! Call NRC Taxis on 01 677 2222 today!


Top questions asked of Taxi Drivers!

Eco TaxiWell you know the story – you get into the NRC Taxi and decide to make a bit of light conversation. Did you know that everyone makes the same conversation – so do you recognise these questions which are asked of NRC Taxi drivers every day of the week?!

  1. Are you busy tonight?! We’re always busy but always do our best to get you to your destination on time!
  2. What time do you finish? We stay out all night just to keep our customers happy!
  3. How long are you out tonight? Only just out as heard our very important passengers needed a taxi!
  4. Are you married?! Why would one ask this question?!
  5. Can we just stop here for a minute? Into the shop to pick up the essential 2 litre of milk on the way home – no problem!
  6. Do you mind swinging into this housing estate to pick another few friends up?! Followed by 3 extra people trying to squeeze into the taxi, after a 17 minute wait of course! All in a day’s service- happy to oblige!
  7. Oh that’s my favourite song – can you please turn up the volume?! Depending on the song choice!
  8. Oh I hate that song or that programme– can you change the station – of course NRC Taxi drivers aim to please we’re happy to keep our customers happy!
  9. Can we stop at an ATM – no need with NRC as we have in-car chip and pin machines!
  10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz – plenty of sleepy heads out there – are you one of them? Just write down your address as soon as you get in to the taxi if you love a nap in the taxi!

So do these sound familiar to you? Whatever the questions NRC taxi drivers are there waiting for your call and aim to make your journey pleasant and hassle free – call us today on 01 677 2222 or visit

Interview with NRC Taxis Driver Damian Ciprian

In the first of our series of interviews with NRC drivers we interview Damian Ciprian from Romania who has been working with NRC Taxis for 5 years.

What is involved in setting up as a driver?

It’s the same procedures for everyone regardless of where you are from. You sit a knowledge test, go through Garda vetting procedures. Then I met with NRC Taxis fleet manager Peter Kelly who explains how the system works, rules of company etc. My licenses and paperwork are then held by NRC.

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It’s a Small World

I’ve a regular customer who is Chief Executive of a pharmaceutical company. We got chatting and I was telling him that I had a friend just home from Australia and he said he spent 14 years in Sydney, Australia himself. Now the only person I know in Sydney is a guy by the name of Noel Donoghue who lives in Emu Planes and it turns out that he knows him well!

Two weeks after that conversation I was at home cleaning the muck off my grand childrens boots when the doorbell rings and who is it but Noel Donoghue calling to pay a visit to me and the wife! And he was home for the wedding of my taxi fares nephew! It’s a small world!

Chuck Feeney Recommends Gold!

I picked up a guy heading to the IFSC bringing his banker to lunch. I thought he didn’t look like a typical banker heading for a business lunch as had a quirky style with unusual boots on!  Got chatting and was telling him that my mother had recently passed away and had €30,000 to invest and he recommended I buy Gold. I didn’t take his advice and bought Eircom shares instead. Gold subsequently went from €470 per oz to €1700 per oz!

We pulled up at Sheriff Street and were finishing our conversation when two young ones were waiting to get into the taxi. They were giving out about the long wait and ‘the state of yer man in his slippers, thought he’s never get out of the taxi’

Months later I saw a photo of Bill Clintons at the Peace Process and standing behind him was my man the banker friend – Chuck Feeney the philanthropist who gave away billions to Ireland to build universities!

Gabriel Byrne Lost in Dublin!

It was lashing rain in Dublin when I picked up Gabriel Byrne standing at the top of Leeson Street looking to go to the Merrion Hotel. ‘Jesus I was lost – Dublin has changed so much’ he said to me. Told my family later that day but they thought I was codding them!

Later that evening he appeared on  the Late Late Show and he remarked to Pat Kenny that after seven years in the US Dublin had changed so much he had to get a taxi from Leeson Street to the Merrion Hotel as he was lost! The wife and kids response was ‘Janey sorry we didn’t believe you… What was he like?’

I picked him up a few years later and he noticed that I had the Shock Doctrine by Naoimi Klien in the car. ‘Well I never thought I’d see the day a taxi driver in Dublin would be reading that book’ he said. I told him it was the best book I’d ever read, really well indexed and thought that she was a fantastic writer. As it turned out he knows her and meets her for lunch every month so would pass on the feedback!