I love Dublin…

We asked you why you loved Dublin and the top reason as voted by NRC customers was the people and the craic! Here is a summary of what you shared:


I love Dublin because…

Of the friendly people, Dublin sense of humour, beautiful people, true Dublin people’s generosity of spirit and sense of humour, the people of Dublin, they make Dublin the fabulous place it is, caring side of all the dubs no matter what your problem is there is always someone willing to help a nation of Mrs browns we live in, because of the great people, the mighty craic because of the people, the banter and the craic, because the people have an amazing fighting spirit. No matter what, the Irish always rise back up, all good the craic is to be had in Dublin, the dubs are so friendly.

Great atmosphere, it has an incredible feel that is so unique to it, you really couldn’t express it all here, for the atmosphere whether it’s a day with the family or a night out on the tiles, it is always buzzing with activity whether it is shopping, eating out, having a laugh with pals in the pub and listening to a good band or heading off on a sightseeing tour it is all there in Dublin.

Beautiful sights, our parks they are beautiful and especially Phoenix Park which is one of the biggest parks in Europe, it’s architecture, history, culture, for Molly Malone the Phoenix Park Temple Bar the atmospheres and buzz and its history , rich in national heritage, there is always something new to do and see, and the amazing history, famous history, the big GPO and all the different shopping streets and the big smoke and the Ha’penny Bridge its cool, lots to see and do the capital of Ireland where lots of movie premieres and concerts take place.

Because it’s the heart of the world, it is where my family and friends are, Dublin is home, it’s my home it’s full of things to do and see.

Shopping! i lovvvveeee the shops in Dublin excellent place to go shopping

The great restaurant, Yummylicious food, a food mecca, the excellent food

Dublin can be heaven with coffee at eleven and a stroll around Stephen’s Green.

It’s home for me
A city steeped in history
From Grafton Street to the GPO.

It’s mine and I am so proud of being a true dub! Born and bread, just like my Mam; my nana, and so on .

Coppers of course!

Always something to do and see, some cost money lots are free
Beautiful parks for kids to run
Pubs & shows for adult fun
Fabulous views of Dublin Bay
There’s nowhere I’d rather spend a day
(Poem by Cameron Darcy)

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