Funny items found in NRC taxis

cropped-header.pngEver left your mobile phone in a taxi after a night out? You’re not alone! NRC Taxi drivers find the most weird and wonderful items in the back of their taxis! So what are the most common?

  1. Spare change – instead of falling down the back of the sofa they end up down the back of the taxi seat!
  2. Slippers – disposable footwear for the ladies who only do the heels from car to bar!
  3. Shoes – nothing more annoying than leaving your high heels in the taxi leaving you in the slippers or pumps for the big night out!
  4. Scarves, Hats and Gloves – NRC are going to open an accessories shop selling the biggest range of scarves, hats and gloves
  5. Mobile phones – nothing more annoying than leaving your phone in the taxi – you get the feeling that you’ve lost your right hand!
  6. Hair brushes – last minute touch up equipment for the night out get left in the taxi! We also get bucket loads of hair which we clean out daily!
  7. Socks – not the cleanest item to find in a taxi but there’s always a few odd socks to be found hidden under the seats of a taxi!
  8. Jewellery – some fabulous earrings, necklaces and bracelets end up under the seats of unfortunate passengers who rarely think to call NRC and claim their valuables!
  9. Make up – the full range of makeup – lipstick, blusher, mascara, foundation, eye shadow and primer! The taxi is the perfect place to apply the makeup when you are out of time. Unfortunately some pricey lipsticks get left behind and ultimately get dumped!
  10. False Teeth – believe it or not these have been found in our taxis! Not the most pleasant of item for a taxi driver to pick up. And what about the passenger who heads out without his or her teeth – they won’t be enjoying their dinner very much without teeth!

So people of Dublin – check the back seat of your NRC taxi before you leave – it may save you hundreds of euro in the long-run! NRC Taxis have a lost and found service so please call us and we’ll do our best to find your valuables! Call NRC Taxis on 01 677 2222 today!


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