10 Reasons to Drive with NRC Taxis

NRC Taxis are looking for drivers to join their fleet. If you are currently driving with another firm why not have a chat with us to see the benefits of working with NRC.

NRC Taxi Drivers


  1. If you drive a taxi you are your own boss and you can work flexible hours that suit you.
  2. You have the opportunity to earn a great income with NRC through corporate, cash and credit card work all over Dublin.
  3. Weekly payment from NRC and your first two weeks are rent free.
  4. You get a free Chip and Pin terminal and money from credit card machines is paid to your bank every Friday.
  5. NRC are currently negotiating with corporate customers on drivers behalf to reduce discounts earning you more income.
  6. You get to meet new and interesting people every day – you might even meet the odd celebrity!
  7. If you like driving it’s the job for you! No office politics or answering the phone – just driving people around Dublin’s fair city!
  8. You get to find out what’s on around Dublin. It’s difficult to miss out when you are in and around the city centre every day.
  9. You are helping people every day of the week – getting them to appointments, meeting people they haven’t met in years, bringing them to very special events! There has to be a feel good factor in there somewhere!
  10. You are working as part of Bord Failte welcoming tourists to Dublin every day! You can sell what Dublin has on offer and why they are going to have a fantastic trip!

So if you want to join Dublin’s leading taxi company contact Peter Kelly for more details today on 01 708 9247  or email peter@nrc.ie. Alternatively visit the Drive With Us page on the NRC Taxis website for more information.

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