NRC Taxis – Out & About in Rathfarnham

You can rely on NRC taxis to bring you anywhere in the Rathfarnham and the Dublin 14 area. We have drivers in the Rathfarhmam area daily so we will pick you up without delay and take you anywhere in Rathfarnham or Dublin.

The Rathfarnham taxi service regularly picks up and drops off from your local popular spots including:

  • The Old Orchard Inn, The Merry Ploughboy, Eden House, Buglers Pub,
  • Chrysanthemum Chinese Restaurant, Excelsior Oriental Restaurant (Rathfarnham),Truly Scrumptious, Morilles Bistro
  • Nutgrove Office Park, Nutgrove Business Park
  • Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, Nutgrove Shopping Centre

We are fully Irish owned meaning that you can rely on the back up support of our local office. Did you know that all NRC taxis have in car chip and pin machines? This offers you complete security when you travel with NRC.

Let us know if you are travelling with the kids as we have child seats available for all ages!

Book now on 01 677 2222 or book online…

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