Interview with NRC Taxis Driver Damian Ciprian

In the first of our series of interviews with NRC drivers we interview Damian Ciprian from Romania who has been working with NRC Taxis for 5 years.

What is involved in setting up as a driver?

It’s the same procedures for everyone regardless of where you are from. You sit a knowledge test, go through Garda vetting procedures. Then I met with NRC Taxis fleet manager Peter Kelly who explains how the system works, rules of company etc. My licenses and paperwork are then held by NRC.

How long have you lived in Ireland?

15 years.

What jobs did you have previously?

I worked in Whelan’s Pub on Wexford Street and as Warehouse Staff in Robin hood Industrial Estate.

Are there other Romanian Drivers in NRC?

Yes, there are a few Romanian drivers in NRC.

Why did you pick to drive with NRC?

One of my Irish friends recommended them as he said that they have great respect for their drivers and provide an excellent service to customers. With NRC I know that I will get work and there is a lot of corporate work. With corporate work it is return business and we get to know the corporate clients. We can build relationships with these clients and they in turn can trust their NRC driver.

Why did you pick to be a taxi driver?

It offers great flexibility and better money than other jobs that I worked in previously.

What hours do you work?

I have young kids so I bring them to school first and I start as soon as I drop them off at 9am and usually finish at around 6pm. I can change these hours easily if the kids are sick or if I have to take time off. I usually work Monday to Friday.

How is driving in Ireland different to driving in Romania?

Most Irish drivers are more careful and patient so that makes it easier. The roads in Ireland are better so it’s easier to be polite for example if you need to pass a car there is often two lanes where as in Romania there is rarely two lanes. The roads in the Romanian countryside are not good and also badly lit up. You will also find a lot of agricultural vehicles using the roads in the Romanian countryside causing congestion.

Do you like living in Ireland and why?

Yes i live Ireland. We have a good life and the weather is better. In Romania we have 4 seasons with extreme cold of up to -20 in the winter and up to 40 degrees in the summer.

To find out more about joining our fleet please see our Drive With Us page or contact Peter Kelly on 01 708 9214 or

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