6 Things to Look For in Your Taxi Company

Getting a taxi this evening? Or is your daughter, son, grandchild getting a taxi?! How do you decide which taxi to pick? It may be worth thinking about the company you are choosing very carefully as all taxis don’t provide the same level of service!

  1. Does your taxi have in-car chip and pin machines for your security and convenience?
  2. Are there all choices of kids seats available – baby, toddler and booster seats?
  3. Is there a manned 24/7/365 call centre that you can call should you have any queries or lose your property in the taxi?
  4. Is there a full range of vehicle types available – 6/7/8 seater, executive taxis etc?
  5. Is the taxi company a registered dispatch operator so you can be happy in the knowledge that your driver is fully registered and insured?
  6. How long is the company in operation? Is the company an established and reliable company that you can feel safe with?

NRC Taxis proud to be providing provide taxis to the people, communities and businesses of Dublin city and county for almost 60 years. With in-car chip and pin machines in all vehicles, full choice of kids seats, a fully manned 24/7/365 call centre and a registered dispatch operator –NRC Taxis is the best choice for your taxi journey today!

So think about your taxi company carefully before picking up that phone and call NRC Taxis 01 6772222 or download the NRC app at iTunes or the Android store for free.

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