Go Green with an NRC Electric Taxi!

NRC now have a number of electric taxis on the road promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for the people of Dublin.

ESB ecars and NRC Taxis teamed up to offer the first electric taxi (e-taxi) service in Ireland back in 2011. This was part of a wider EU research programme that included gathering data on the performance of electric transport in an urban setting.

Eco Taxi

An overnight charge fully powers the e-taxis battery and it can also be “powered up” during the day if necessary, using the fast charge points. Fast charge points enable drivers to ‘power up’ electric cars from zero to 80% of their capacity in less than 30 minutes.

The average daily mileage of a taxi in Dublin is in the region of 120km – well within the range of the Nissan LEAF, at 160km.

NRC director, Liam Brady commented “We are delighted to be associated with this fantastic initiative. As the largest Taxi company in Dublin, we are acutely aware of the positive impact that e-cars will have on the City environment. This is the start of NRC’s establishment of our green credentials and we are looking at ways in which we can further reduce and offset our carbon emissions”.

As well as offering environmentally friendly driving around the Dublin City area, minimal emissions and reduced noise, the initiative will also give the public the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of electric cars.

NRC have had very positive feedback from both customers and drivers alike on the electric taxis and we at NRC are proud to yet again be leading the way in the taxi service industry.

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