Gabriel Byrne Lost in Dublin!

It was lashing rain in Dublin when I picked up Gabriel Byrne standing at the top of Leeson Street looking to go to the Merrion Hotel. ‘Jesus I was lost – Dublin has changed so much’ he said to me. Told my family later that day but they thought I was codding them!

Later that evening he appeared on  the Late Late Show and he remarked to Pat Kenny that after seven years in the US Dublin had changed so much he had to get a taxi from Leeson Street to the Merrion Hotel as he was lost! The wife and kids response was ‘Janey sorry we didn’t believe you… What was he like?’

I picked him up a few years later and he noticed that I had the Shock Doctrine by Naoimi Klien in the car. ‘Well I never thought I’d see the day a taxi driver in Dublin would be reading that book’ he said. I told him it was the best book I’d ever read, really well indexed and thought that she was a fantastic writer. As it turned out he knows her and meets her for lunch every month so would pass on the feedback!

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